Frequently asked questions

  1. You used to have a van down every week into London can you get our props in we need from boston ?
    1. This is a little bit of a myth – in the beginning of our moving into London (between 1998 and 2005) we did used to have a van into London every now and then but this has not been the case for almost 20 years – we can however quote to get props into London via external courier services (see item 6)
  2. Are you in America ?
    1. No we’re in Boston, Lincolnshire – have been since before the Pilgrim Fathers !!!
  3. What time do you open / close when is the last return able to be dropped off ?
    1. We open at 8 am (lunch is generally taken by the staff between 1 and 2 pm) close at 5pm last returns generally no later than 4.30pm if possible. Larger returns will require more time do the management would require larger returns in earlier than 4.30 (3.30 at the latest is recommended )
  4. Are customers required to book a time / day to visit ?
    1. The short answer is no but we do like to know when a production is coming in to visit – we will also offer a station collection / return service these can be either from Peterborough or Grantham.
  5. How quickly can you turn around wallpaper ?
    1. Wallpaper is generally sent out the same day on Ups (courier rates apply) but we do need to have the order ready before midday as the courier collection times vary.
  6. Can we deliver props ?
    1. We can deliver loads up to 3.5t and are able to source up to 7.5 externally these are all subject to additional charges by external couriers – we can do same day as long as the order is in before 11am – some restrictions may apply.
  7. Can you clear branded products ?
    1. No, we only clear our own brand of products and Batemans products with permission from Batemans Brewery – content depending. We can also clear paintings and drawings in our cleared paintings selection
  8. How long will it take to look round you premises ?
    1. With 100,000 sq foot over three sites with five warehouses and 13 containers we have a comprehensive range of props / products and wallpaper ranging from Georgian , Victorian , Edwardian into the modern era.
  9. How far away are you from a rail link ?
    1. We are a 45 minute journey from King’s Cross with a 45 minute (approximately traffic can vary the travel time)  by road from either Grantham or Peterborough we are more than happy to provide transport to and from either Peterborough or Grantham it’s a good day to do the entire company in Boston – sometimes it’s a good few days period depending.If you look to travel into Boston station this will take almost as long – roughly 1 hr 30 mins from King’s Cross.